Customer Loyalty Index 2021
Australian Report

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About This Report

The pandemic has brought massive changes to the retail industry. The key question is what consumers are looking for from brands, and how some of the Australia’s biggest retailers have rethought their loyalty approach post pandemic. Key to this is an understanding that not all customer loyalty is the same. By examining the diverse types of loyalty, this index offers a guide for retailers looking to create a truly tailored approach to customer loyalty.

What’s Inside

  • The #1 way to truly understand your Aussie customers and how you can use these Australian Statistics to create personalized experiences for each one. 
  • Testimonials from Australian Retailers on how they are driving Customer Lifecycle Marketing and Lifetime Value. 
  • Identifying the five types of customer loyalty which reveals three-quarters (71%) of consumers consider themselves loyal to one or more brands. 
  • Loyalty drivers by industry and how these different sectors can leverage the state of loyalty based on data. 

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