Emarsys Black Friday Report 2021

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About This Report

This report is part of our comprehensive Black Friday Boot Camp series — designed to help your marketing team better prepare for Black Friday, so you can win more customers and drive growth & revenue this holiday season.

What’s Inside

  • Lessons learned from Black Friday 2020 (and what they suggest for this year’s event)
  • How leading brand marketers are planning for Black Friday 2021
  • An in-depth look at how technology, customer data, and automation play a key role in crafting a successful Black Friday marketing strategy
  • A sneak peak into which engagement channels will be most impactful (and lucrative) this holiday season, according to the latest research
  • How retailers can fully leverage online and offline experiences to ensure their event is a success
  • Tips for engaging new buyers and turning them into loyal, lasting customers after Black Friday

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