AI in Retail Report:
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About the Guide

In May 2024, SAP Emarsys conducted research amongst 2000 consumers and 150 marketers across the United Arab Emirates to dig deep into attitudes towards AI, This report reveals an exciting convergence between how consumers feel about AI and how marketers can be empowered by AI in their omnichannel strategies. The goal? True 1:1 personalisation, freedom to innovate and ultimately, to drive real business growth.

What’s Inside

You’ll discover a snapshot of unique data insights into: 

  • The current state of retail: How can retail roadblocks be addressed by AI, while supercharging customer engagement? 
  • The demand for AI adoption: Understanding the convergence of consumers and marketers is imperative for retailers to get ahead of the competition. 
  • How AI can benefit marketers in 2024: Personalisation alone is not enough. AI is essential to increasing customer engagement in ‘24.
  • Data and privacy concerns: Find out why it is crucial for retailers to be transparent about their use of personal data, and maintain ethical standards around privacy.
  • How SAP Emarsys empowers marketers: Learn how SAP Emarsys is reaffirming its decade-long AI heritage with our Generative AI solutions such as the ‘Subject Generator’ and ‘Product Finder’ designed to empower marketers.  

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