Report How AI is Driving E-Commerce Impact

  • Predict Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), buying probability, and quarterly revenue
  • Understand which customers and segments are likely to churn and deliver content most likely to resonate with each
  • Get in front of customers by automating the execution of next-best offers, 1-to-1 content, and individualized incentives at scale
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85% of marketers say AI will have “significant impact” on the marketing industry in the next five years.

Artificial Intelligence marketing unearths new revenue streams, identifies unseen segments worth pursuing, and identifies content/offers likely to resonate with those segments.

Without AI, marketers don’t even know what they don’t know. Learn more about how AI is helping online retailers like BrandAlley completely revolutionize their marketing

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Reactionary marketing is the unfortunate reality for too many marketers today.

Beholden by pressure to perform, disparate pieces of tech to manage, and an inability to prove the value of adopting a unified, AI-driven solution, marketers are stuck in a virtual hamster wheel of business as usual.

Artificial intelligence is a game-changing enabling technology that can rectify all of these issues in one fell swoop — it’s as close to a silver bullet as it gets.

“Rather than wait for a customer to lapse, and then reach out to them with a communication, we were able to use AI to see when an individual was about to lapse, and then communicate to that person. We’ve tried a lot of reactive marketing – but we had to reach people at the right moment, and that’s what AI did for us.”

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Alexandra Simion
Head of Marketing • BrandAlley