Here’s How You Turn E-Commerce Data Into New Revenue Opportunities

15 tactics you can use right away to grow your company

What’s Inside

● How to leverage one of the best channels to increase repeat purchases.
● Ways you can enhance your customers’ experience so they purchase more.
● Useful examples and tactics you can use right away to convert prospects into buyers. 

You can find many more tactics inside the ebook.

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Increase Repeat Purchases

Acquiring new buyers is 5x more expensive than re-engaging current customers. The good news is that a customer who makes a second purchase is 53% likely to make a third purchase. And if a third purchase is made, there’s a 64% chance the customer will make a fourth purchase.

Since 80% of a brand’s revenue comes from 20% of customers, retaining and re-engaging your most active customers will lead to better business results.

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Tactics You Can Immediately Implement

Inside the ebook you’ll find 15 different tactics you can use to encourage customers to continue buying from you.

Are you ready for this ebook? Download it right away to see the tactics, implement them, and see how you can put your team’s repetitive marketing tasks on autopilot.