The unPredictions 2021

Embracing Earned Data Strategy, Permission-Marketing & Omnichannel Loyalty

Act Now, and You Can Drive Greater Customer Loyalty…

Accelerated digital transformation has brought ecommerce and omnichannel experience into hyper-focus. But… What does this mean for you as a marketer?

This means that you must enhance the digital customer experience and drive true loyalty. 

Importantly, to achieve this you needn’t rely on predictions or trends. You can build better brand outcomes with tried and tested principles of great digital marketing for retailers.

Join Alex Timlin, SVP Retail at Emarsys, as he takes you through the must-act-ons for 2021 with brand examples such as PUMA and Frasers Group:

  • Earned data strategy: first-party data & permission-led marketing
  • Loyalty as integral to experience: beyond points & prizes programmes
  • Driving omnichannel marketing and 1-1 personalization
  • And more…

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