The unPredictions 2021

Covid Retail Adaptation, Integrated Martech and Customer Data

Offline and Online Retail Fundamentally Changed in 2020, and No-One Saw It Coming

Looking back, some retail brands transformed rapidly and didn’t just survive, but thrived.

Those businesses leaned upon a solid foundation of customer centricity, supported with first-party data, connected systems, and agile AI-enabled technology.

So what should retailers focus on in 2021, to ensure their ongoing success?

Originally recorded during NRF Week by the csuite podcast, grab a second chance to witness this incredible line-up from Forrester, Purple AI, Hanna Andersson, Zulily and Emarsys. 

As they discuss key topics such as:

  • 2020 Retail Adaptation
  • Customer data privacy, and the importance of first-party data
  • Why Customer Identity and Access Management solutions (CIAM) and Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are even more vital now
  • What’s next for retailers in 2021

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