Unpacking Omnichannel: Creating Unified Customer Experiences

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About This Webinar

This webinar is part of our Retail Talks series — designed to level-up the retail sector by pooling insight directly from practitioners and industry experts, so that you too can apply winning strategies and high performing tactics to grow your business.

What Does TRUE Omnichannel Marketing Mean?

The expansion of digital commerce, and the innovation that retailers have exhibited over the past year and a half has further fuelled the demand for consistent and delightful brand interactions, whether they occur online or offline. In this panel we join together three marketing & ecommerce thought leaders to demystify how brands can meet those rising customer expectations. 

Join Alex Timlin as he explores recent innovations in personalization with Jens Pytlich from Salling Group and Nuno Pedro from SAP. They will discuss:

  • The roadblocks brands face when trying to scale personalization
  • What personalization in retail will look like 5 years from now
  • …and more!

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