The Omnichannel Difference: tackling personalized marketing & customer engagement strategies

Available On Demand | 40 minutes

Creating a single view of the customer is ranked “high priority” or “critically important” for 94% of brands. But how do leading brands create an effective omnichannel strategy? For insights into how marketers are navigating tomorrow’s marketing priorities, SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement partnered with Forrester for another best-in-class analysis for understanding challenges and practices in omnichannel customer engagement. Uncovering the impact of connected campaign strategies have on business growth and customer retention, the Omnichannel Difference 2024 Forrester Opportunity Snapshot offers key insights for brands looking to elevate their customers’ experiences.

This webinar covers the learnings presented in the report for which Forrester surveyed manager-level and above decision-makers in the US, Germany, and the UK to better understand how organizations are approaching customer engagement. You’ll also hear from PUMA group’s Senior Manager CRM Global E-Commerce take on the findings.

Learn about:

  • AI-enhanced data as the engine of superior omnichannel engagement
  • The central role customer expectations and government regulations play in successful omnichannel strategies
  • Where friction persists in the buyers’ journey… and what to do about it
  • How brands are increasing customer lifetime value with true omnichannel engagement

Watch On Demand

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