The Meaning of Life… Cycle Marketing

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Upgrade your lifecycle marketing from drab to fab with French Connection and Happy Socks

Are you going mad trying to map customer journeys? Does audience segmentation have your head spinning? Do your lifecycle flows feel like they’re running dry? 

If so, you may be in need of some divine inspiration! 

Tune into “The Meaning of Life… Cycle marketing” with Kelly Priest (eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, French Connection), CJ Claesson (Senior CRM Consultant, Happy Socks) and Sabrina Lindner (CRM Campaign and Project Manager, Happy Socks) to find out how they: 

  • Map out customer journeys  
  • Identify priority segments  
  • Acquire high-value customers at low cost  
  • Use replenishment campaigns to keep buyers active  
  • Handle reactivation and win-back campaigns

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