The FA and Feel Good Contacts Share Gamification and Mobile App Best Practice

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Looking for smart insights on gathering first-party data, smart segmentation and mobile app mastery?

What do the world’s oldest football association and the UK’s most popular online contact lens retailer have in common?

Both are up against a similar set of challenges when it comes to engaging vast audiences, capturing first-party data, and executing campaigns that drive engagement and retention.

In this webinar, we invite Paul Brierley, the CRM & Membership Lead at The Football Association and Nimesh Shah, Marketing Director of Feel Good Contacts to share:

  • Their content and channel strategy
  • How they segment their audiences to power personalization
  • The role of gamification in capturing first-party data
  • How to build engaging welcome journeys
  • Key learnings when building a mobile app and the benefits of creating a closed ecosystem

Watch Now!

Watch Now!

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