Sunday Times x Emarsys:
Transforming ‘analysis paralysis’ with personalisation

On Demand | 1 Hour

How personalisation is helping brands transform ‘analysis paralysis’ into clever communications

With retailers competing to get the best out of peak shopping seasons, personalised customer engagement should be a top priority for brands that wish to make a lasting impression during their customer journey.

Join Emarsys and The Sunday Times Raconteur for a roundtable featuring company leaders:

  • Lysa Hardy, Group CMO of Hotel Chocolat
  • Carly O’Brien, CMO of The Very Group
  • Debbie Bond, COO of Lovehoney
  • Joanna Milliken, CEO of Emarsys

Discover why they are dedicating more time to segmenting data and improving their personalised product recommendations. Learn about:

  • How Hotel Chocolat use data to bust myths and increase conversion rates
  • The Very Group’s exciting discovery of 20,000 personalisation variations
  • Lovehoney’s strategy to defeat ‘analysis paralysis’ and make informed decisions

Watch Now!

Watch Now!

Meet The Speakers

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