How Sony Defends Their Premium Brand Positioning In The Ecommerce Market

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About This Webinar

This webinar is part of our Retail Talks series — designed to level-up the retail sector by pooling insight directly from practitioners and industry experts, so that you too can apply winning strategies and high performing tactics to grow your business.

Defending Premium Brand Positioning In A Competitive Ecommerce Market

Online marketplaces, where price is a big factor in purchasing decisions, can be a challenging space for premium brands. How did Sony defend its position as a premium brand – without sacrificing sales or fighting on price and how is this strategy their foundation for going Direct To Customer?

Join Yaroslav Andreev, Sony’s Head of Online Sales & Marketing, to discover how Sony defends their premium brand position in the ecommerce market. Learn more about: 

  • Sony’s reasons for consolidating data
  • The importance of omnichannel digital transformation for Sony
  • Risk removal for retailers through virtual stock solutions
  • How Sony uses trigger based communications

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