Performance Series 2 Episode 1 (EMEA/AMER):
Setting the Stage for Omnichannel Marketing

On Demand | 30 Minutes

About This Webinar

The Performance Series is a quarterly, topical fireside chat series that guides marketers to make the most of the platform by providing use-case examples, best practices, and how-to advice. Season 2 sessions focus on omnichannel strategies with deep dives into web and mobile.

Setting the Stage for Omnichannel Marketing

  • Why marketers are challenged with siloed tech stacks
  • How to ensure systems gel and “talk”
  • How to go from single to multi-channel
  • How to go from batch-and-blast to omnichannel
  • You want to get to omnichannel – but what do you need to do first?
  • Why you should think of your channels as a collection of communication

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