New Year Resolutions of a Marketer

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Data and Personalization strategies to take advantage of post-holiday shopping and beyond

Holiday shopping doesn’t cease after the new year. The post-holiday shopping season presents an opportunity to use the data you’ve gathered to personalize the experience for members who are now returning for self-gifting. Simultaneously, a wave of new customers who received gift cards will be shopping at your store for the first time – an opportunity to facilitate a great experience and gain new loyal customers.

In this webinar, Emarsys strategic expert Mikkel Tophoj gives a deep dive into:

  • Marketing strategies to enhance your overall customer experience via marketing automation that drives long-term retention. 
  • Methods for data collection including progressive profiling, gamification, and loyalty.
  • How to facilitate an omnichannel journey that transforms a first-time purchaser into a loyal advocate.

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