Meet The Boss: Power to the retail marketer

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Power to the retail marketer

The role of marketing has exploded, with more responsibilities than ever before. In 29% of cases, retail marketers must look after all these functions within their single role; they are under increasing pressure to do more in less time, with fewer people and limited budget. When asked, 67% say they would like to spend more time improving personalized product recommendations, while 91% need more time to get to know their customers as people. With customer expectations are the most complex they’ve ever been; personalization is no longer just a nice-to-have.

These roadblocks aren’t going anywhere. Only by understanding them (and what others are doing to solve for them) can we hope to be equipped with the tools and plans to break our way through. Emarsys and a select group of your retail peers, share the results of our latest Emarsys report; exploring how to truly give power to the marketer, examining the latest trends and sharing industry best practice.


  • Why personalization is essential for business growth in today’s world of quick-change customer behavior and market conditions
  • How to break through the common barriers that prevent retailers from getting successful programs off the ground (collecting first party data, understanding customers, achieving true 1:1 personalization)
  • The importance of customer relevancy (in offers, messaging and product) for driving successful loyalty programs

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