Knit One, Purl Two: How Hobbii Knitted Data and Content to Gain 300%+ Revenue

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How Hobbii Knitted Data With Content to Gain 300%+ Revenue

Online yarn superstore Hobbii have spun up a content strategy that marries customer behavior with relevant, real-time content for enviable revenue gains. 

In this session, Hobbii’s Head of CRM and Retail Marketing, Marianne Colding Oxholm shares the secrets of the brand’s stellar success, with a focus on how they: 

  • Increased revenue by 311% in a year through winback and price drop campaigns 
  • Increased email conversion to sales by 9% 
  • Use relational data to inform content strategy 
  • Use gamification to build an engaged in-app audience of 10k+ weekly players

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