First Party Data: Capture It Right,
Use It Strategically, Grow Faster

You Must Switch to Using First Party Data To Continue To Be Successful

In light of the recent changes to iOS14, both Apple and Google have announced that their ecosystems will no longer support third-party cookies. This has prompted numerous questions in the retail space, such as:

  • What does the change mean for brands and their customers, and why would a customer willingly give their data to a brand?
  • How can a brand ensure that their data capture is BOTH compliant AND growth oriented?
  • How does the marketer use this first-party data to create more value for the customer in order to attract, retain, and grow their loyalty?

Join Alex Timlin and David Eldridge as they walk you through:

  • Changes in industry regulations on customer data protection
  • Strategies for capturing, storing, and processing customer data
  • How to effectively use customer data through permission-based data-driven personalized experiences and bespoke customer journeys
  • Use cases from successful businesses who are using their customer data the right way

Meet The Speakers

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