Facebook’s attribution model changes: How it will affect your business and how to measure the impact.

Discussion Forum: Fireside Chat
Host: Alex Timlin (SVP Verticals, Emarsys)
Guest: Mark Baartse (CMO Consultant, Mark Baartse Consultancy)

Google and Apple have announced that their ecosystems will no longer support third-party cookies. In step, Facebook have also announced that they seek to modify their attribution window from 28 days to 7 days. With these significant changes, many marketers and business leaders have been left wondering… What does all of this this mean to me?

Join Alex Timlin and Mark Baartse as they provide you a deeper insight on:

  • What the changes in Google, and Apple’s iOS 14 announcement mean to your business
  • What the change in Facebook’s attribution window will mean for your marketing reports and advertising forecasts
  • The importance of first-party data in advertising and marketing, and how it can give you a better view of your customer
  • First-party data strategy to identify a customer, gain their consent and unify that data with your other applications

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