CUE Clothing: Achieving omnichannel success by using a customer-centric approach

Let’s talk retail with Shane Lenton, Chief Innovation Officer, CUE Clothing

CUE Clothing, a fashion retailer in Australia is one of a few brands that have achieved omnichannel success. Join Alex Timlin, SVP Verticals at Emarsys as he talks with Shane Lenton on how CUE Clothing uses their customer data and omnichannel strategy to help their business adapt and grow following the Australia bushfires and COVID-19.

What will be covered: 

  • How CUE has prioritized the importance of identifying customers across touchpoints and how they are using these insights to drive channel-agnostic customer-centric personalization  
  • How to deal with some of the common challenges retailers are facing post-pandemic, such as return rates, discounting, profitability, and how to drive footfall to stores
  • Viewpoints on how the next months will be and what retailers can do to remain agile to changing circumstances

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Ema Lp Webinar Retail Talks Cue Speakers
Ema Lp Webinar Retail Talks Cue Speakers