Cross-Border Marketing: Gain Higher Sales Conversion and Enhance Customer Experience with Hyper-Personalisation

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Cross-Border Marketing

Cross-border eCommerce has emerged as a crucial growth opportunity for many businesses in 2023. However, developing a global marketing strategy that resonates with overseas customers is no easy feat. In this video, you’ll discover how Lovely Wholesale, a Chinese online fast fashion brand, successfully established its global presence through customer-centric marketing strategies, and how they gain higher sales conversion with hyper-personalisation. 

Join Jane Gou, CMO of Lovely Wholesale, to uncover what it takes to develop a winning global marketing strategy. Key takeaways: 

  • The way of establishing consistent customer communication that convey products’ values 
  • The marketing and content tactics that cater to customers in different life cycle stages. 
  • How to leverage first-party data to engage existing customers and drive re-purchases.  

Please note that this OD Video is in Mandarin. 

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