CMO Webinar: How are leading brands leveraging first party data to drive engaging customer experiences & business outcomes?

There’s an almost limitless amount of data available today. Consumers are generating millions of digital signals each day that can be captured, collected, and used to create more personalized interactions.

Data-driven marketing enables marketing teams to spend more time on creative (48%) and create more targeted campaigns and personalized messaging (48%) according to Forbes.But are we using first-party customer data to full its potential?

Join the American Marketing Association, Charlie Cole. CEO at Proflowers, Leandi McMurphy, Director of Marketing, Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s, and SABER with Alex Timlin, SVP Verticals, Emarsys as they discuss:

  • Why creating a single customer view is crucial to driving business outcomes
  • How customers’ buying patterns, preferences, location, level of engagement, content preferences and more are driving better results from their communication
  • What programs and campaigns using first-party customer data are bringing success
  • Where brands are on their journey to connect the dots between numerous disparate interactions and touchpoints to create an omnichannel experience
  • How they are leveraging technology drive sophisticated marketing programs with increased automation and personalization

Key Capabilities: Intelligence & Analytics, Customer Lifecycle Management, Cross-Channel Execution

Key Industries: Retail & E-commerce, Consumer Goods