Black Friday Masterclass: Unlocking Success For Your Brand

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Black Friday Masterclass: Unlocking Success For Your Brand

Emarsys experts share our inside tips to unlock success for your brand this Black Friday. Discover data driven strategies to help you drive sales during the retail event of the year.

We’ll show you how to capitalize on the success of events like Black Friday, 11:11, Singles Day, Super Monday, and the upcoming holiday period. Learn the importance of perfecting the basics and taking your omnichannel customer journey to the next level, reaching your KPIs, and standing out from the crowd. From optimising seamless interactions to crafting personalised shopping experiences, we’ll equip you with data-driven tools to forge deeper connections and build brand loyalty.

In this video you will gain:
• Actionable strategies for you to get ready for Black Friday and other upcoming significant sale events
• Learn how to elevate your campaign and customer engagement strategies
• Help with cutting through the noise
• Recommendations on tools and capabilities and how to roll them out

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