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A Bingewatch TV deep-dive into marketing data, to help you orientate yourself concerning data privacy, regulations, collection and usage of first-party data to drive revenue

What Is Focus on First Party?

  • Bingewatch TV is your go-to-channel for short, sharp insights from the brands that KNOW the answers… Focus on first party is a deep-dive into the subject of marketing data
  • Unpack marketing data, in a way that throws the jargon in the bin, and speaks your language as a marketer or business leader
  • No time for a 30 minute webinar? We hear you. Get what you need in bite-sized chunks, with videos of varying lengths to suit you
  • De-bunk key topics such as data definitions, privacy, collection, auditing and more
  • The full three-part series with Station10 is now available on-demand! Hear from David Ellis, your go-to for insight concerning marketing data!

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