Best-Of Performance Series: Tips, Insights, and More to Guide Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

On Demand – December 6, 2022

Performance Series Highlights: Top 5 Tips to Jumpstart 2023!

If you’re like most marketers, you’re already thinking ahead on how you can prepare for 2023. So why not use the learnings and successes from 2022 to get a head start? 

This past year, we learned a lot of great tips and actionable insights from our customers about how they drive success with their customer engagement strategies, especially during the holiday season when sales peak, web traffic surges, and engagement opportunities are plentiful.

Now, we’re giving you that knowledge so you can continue to connect with customers and create an omnichannel customer engagement strategy that delivers results, into the new year and beyond.  

In this video, we put together key highlights of our Performance Series sessions to give you:

  • Tips for when and how to re-engage inactive customers and reduce churn
  • Building blocks for creating omnichannel campaigns and opt-ins that deliver results
  • Knowledge on how to build welcome journeys that captivate customers and dear them to your brand.
  • Ways to identify and leverage the channels your customers engage with most often so you can increase conversions and engagements

Watch it now!

Watch it now!

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