Become a Lean, Mean, Marketing Machine with Savers and Columbia Sportswear

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Time to Tidy Up the Engine Room of Your Marketing Machine?

Why is it that marketing processes, the very things that keep teams aligned and productive, are often the first thing to go out the window when the pressure’s on?

If your marketing team, like so many others out there, is feeling the pressure to do more with less, it may be time to step back, take a deep breath, and revisit your core processes, strategies and tactics.

In this session, Savers’ Senior CRM and Email Marketing Manager, Adam Bressler and three core members of the Columbia Sportswear product, lifecycle marketing, and email marketing team will share how they:

  • Allocate marketing resources when budgets are tight
  • Lean on automation to increase efficiency
  • Embrace non-traditional channels like Waze and Craigslist to get more bang for their marketing buck
  • Built a marketing Center of Excellence to eliminate cross-functional silos
  • Empower individual team members to own their capabilities and become subject matter experts

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