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Babbel: Growth Through Unique,
Personalized Experiences

How Babbel Stays Relevant in the Mobile App Space and
Continues to Grow Their Customer Base


A Masterclass on Mobile App Growth

Language-learning app Babbel is the world’s largest subscription-based language learning service with more than 10 million subscribers.

They’ve made language learning more personalized than ever, and much of their success is due to the deep connections they’ve formed with their app users. 

Join Nina Pollex, Director of CRM, Babbel, and Chris Godderidge, VP Mobile, Emarsys, as they discuss how Babbel… 

  • Grew their European subscriber base 200% YoY in March and April of 2020
  • Increased their YoY revenue in the US by 100%
  • Used push notifications to convert 50% better than email
  • Improved user engagement by 25%
  • Became more agile by offering  a 1-week free trial 

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We saw growth not just in new subscribers, we also saw growth in subsequent engagement, which was great to see. Everybody who works in this space knows that app engagement is something that is extremely hard to move, especially after the user has been around for awhile. But we saw up to 25% more engagement, even for older cohorts.

Nina Pollex
Nina Pollex
Director of CRM, Babbel