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Converting Mobile Users to Active, Loyal Customers

How adidas Runtastic delivers highly relevant, satisfying app experiences that bring users back again and again

adidas Runtastic

Retain More Mobile App Users with a Customer-First Approach

adidas Runtastic — a global leader in the digital health and fitness space — achieved 200% growth of new app users in one month. How did the brand deliver the highly relevant, satisfying app experiences that brought these new users back again and again?

Join Edit Dudás, Head of CRM, adidas Runtastic, and Chris Godderidge, VP Mobile, Emarsys, as they discuss how adidas Runtastic:

  • Adapted and revised their marketing campaigns quickly to offer the most relevant content to a rapid influx of new users
  • Grew their audience through a customer-first approach by showcasing featured workouts at the right time, and on the right channel
  • Improved their automated campaigns by tracking and monitoring certain key metrics
  • Used deep linking within the brand’s multi-app environment to create comprehensive customer journeys

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