Channel proliferation is making marketing as strenuous as it is exciting. If our ultimate goal as marketers is to put the customer at the center of everything, how are we supposed to achieve that in the face of so much “stuff?”

As today’s guest, Sandra Wroe of WorldRemit describes, the easiest way is to start with email at the center — and then to take on those auxiliary channels like push messaging and social media ads. At WorldRemit, an online money transfer service, Sandra is at the forefront of digitization and technology. She and her team help migrants send “mobile money” back home to their families, primarily living in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Many of WorldRemit’s users (and their families) have limited or no access to the Internet — something that we shouldn’t take for granted.

As Head of CRM, Sandra understands the challenges of information overload, personalization, and technology.

“2019 is about enhancing the #customerexperience we’re giving people through our communications,” says Sandra Wroe of @WorldRemit       CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

►(1:56) What is mobile money? WorldRemit is on the front lines.

►(3:30) A balancing act: data overload and what to do with it

►(5:23) What’s changed in the past few years?

►(8:05) Did you start with tech (instead of strategy)?

►(9:48) Sandra on the future: proving the value of communications

►(11:48) Rapid Fire!

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“We’ve seen positive impact of new channels we’ve been using, particularly push messaging. We have app users who sign up for a daily notification… once per day, they get the [money transfer] rate for that day… they don’t want it as the 50th email that they get that day from somewhere — this is information that they’ve signed up for, they’ve requested it. The fact that we can offer that by push rather than yet another email makes it really visible. This is driving nearly 8% of our app traffic now! It shows that when you offer people something that they want, it’ll actually drive the value for you.”

As Sandra describes, there’s SO much that we can do, as marketers. From IoT to personalization technology, and more… there’s a lot going on. This leads into three key takeaways for today’s episode.

3 Key Takeaways

As Sandra says, we have to “think about what the right channel for each person is, along with the right content, context, time, and frequency… the number of possibilities increase a ton, and it becomes hard for the marketer to figure all of that out if they don’t have the machine to rely on.” So, use machines to help you where it makes sense.

How can you break through and be more customer-centric? If they want to, WorldRemit’s app users can sign up for daily push notifications to see daily transfer rates instead of typical emails. These notifications alone drive nearly 8% of their app traffic. Find what your audience wants, and deliver it!

Not everything that matters is measurable, and not everything that’s measurable matters. This is the second time I’ve heard this in the past week, and for good reason: the data explosion can create a mental construct that “if we can, we should.” But it’s not that simple and not always feasible to measure everything under the sun. Identify the activities and key results you’re looking to drive, and focus there.

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