Real-time marketing is coming to the forefront as brand-building itself becomes more evident than ever. Connected devices, connected homes, and voice and cross-device personalization are the parts that make “real-time marketing” a real thing. Lindsay Murray of Blue Acorn iCi joins the show to make real time more real than it’s ever been.

We can’t all be Amazon, but we can leverage technology to do more than just newsjacking or reactionary social posts. Consumers expect much more.

“Even the largest #brands out there are paralyzed w/ the thought of tackling all these channels & #technologies all at once,” says @ppcsearch_ninja     CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (2:45) What real-time marketing really means

► (6:28) Real-time use case: past-purchase data

► (9:58) How is real-time marketing impacting brands?

► (13:11) Start slow to find the right balance

► (16:28) Lindsey on the future: customer-driven marketing

► (18:37) Rapid Fire!

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“Real-time marketing is relevant to a particular consumer and personalized vs. just a mass real-time update or campaign being jumped on. This is going to be tailored to specific customers, their journeys, and what they’re engaging with.”

Lindsay Murray
VP, Marketing Services • Blue Acorn iCi

“#RealTimeMarketing is relevant to a particular consumer w/ #personalized #content based on their journey,” says @ppcsearch_ninja     CLICK TO TWEET

3 Key Takeaways

  • The only thing that really matters is driving real value! Find the right balance between delivering strategic, creative experiences to the human at the other end of the interaction and all the tech, data, and optimization that works to help us make it all happen.
  • Tools and tech can become overwhelming quickly! So, as you approach real-time marketing, don’t jump into everything at once. Focus on a couple key areas and make sure messaging is consistent and on brand across all channels.
  • Data is and will always be foundational to marketers. But in the future, be prepared to enable and encourage your customers to help generate your marketing. Think unboxing, tutorials, reviews, and user-generated content.

Don’t be afraid of data — using it to do triggered, real-time marketing. It doesn’t always require an excess of resources or money to drive real-time marketing tactics.

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