What kinds of mobile marketing challenges does a mobile-first company — like Drizly — face in comparison to those of a typical retail or e-commerce brand? Erin Azar, Global Product Manager, talks everything mobile, including what the future looks like with regard to in-app messaging, the ability to send messages and have them preserved in an inbox, and geolocation.

Erin works to elevate mobile to be part of the omnichannel story and helps companies integrate mobile within the context of other channels like their website.

“Brands that are thinking about the #CX use tools that make it easy to bring campaigns to life in an #omnichannel reality & that leverage internal relationships,” says @AzarMax       CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (1:46) Erin’s thoughts on Revolution 2018

► (3:31) Mobile-focused vs. retail/e-commerce challenges

► (4:47) The evolution of Emarsys’ mobile product

► (6:42) Omnichannel: how to coordinate internal resources to link the customers’ journey

► (9:08) Erin on the future: mobile apps and progressive web apps

E Azar

“Speed and simplicity are the name of the game right now. [With the right tools] omnichannel campaigns — which used to be a collosal effort — are just simple, instantaneous even… in the mobile space, specifically, we’re seeing some shifts right now. Some of our clients are evaluating:

Do I want an app? What does an app mean to me?
Am I able to get people to install my app and continuously engage with my app?
How will the experience on the app be different from experience on my website?
In comes progressive web apps — let’s lower the barrier to somebody finding and installing an app, and have this progressive experience… I’m interested in anything that lowers the barrier for marketers to get into a technology that their customers are interested in using.”

Erin Azar
Global Product Manager, Emarsys

“We’re seeing some shifts in the #mobile space right now – brands are evaluating whether they need a #mobileapp, how it’s being used, & how that #CX differs from their website” says @AzarMax   CLICK TO TWEET

As channels continue to proliferate, the marketing landscape begins to mesh into a cohesive “one” whereby mobile must fit in. More brands are beginning to look at mobile more strategically, and incorporate it into their overall marketing approach.

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