Are you staying sane? Digital disruption, tech overload, the ads, emails, calls, beeps, bells, dings, pings, popups, players, notifications, texts, and more — how is it all impacting society… and your happiness? The truth is that we’re addicted to it. And, as marketers, we’re quite often responsible for some of these things.

In an era defined by digital distraction, the lines are becoming blurred between personal and professional, between work and play, and actually being happy vs. thinking we’re happy.

Brian Solis, well-known and respected digitization expert, futurist, and anthropologist joins the show to discuss his new book, Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life.

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Show details and highlights

► (1:52) Lifescale: a look at the relationship we have with technology

► (3:17) Why Brian pursued a book about “focusing in the era of distraction”

► (8:31) Happiness and creativity are interlinked — how does tech play in?

► (13:49) What can marketers take away?

► (18:10) Brian on the future: complete reinvention of marketing

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“I think it was Kristen Harris who said, ‘We were given the power of Gods, and not the wisdom,’ and we absolutely got drunk on it. We tasted what it was like to have followers and to be adored and liked on demand. We got a dose of what it’s like to be famous, even if it’s just micro fame… that’s lifescale. It’s a human journey to reset all of your core pillars in life for a modern generation.”

Brian Solis
Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group, Award-Winning Author, Blogger, & Keynote Speaker

3 Key Takeaways

When we can look at technology for what it’s supposed to be, human interactions improve. Creativity grows. Happiness and joy have a place again! Tech is supposed to bring us together in ways that simply aren’t possible without it. It makes the world smaller. Makes communication easier. Makes us all more productive and efficient… if we use it properly.

Where does tech fit into your life personally and professionally? Ask yourself where the marketing you’re doing fits into the spectrum for your customers. Are you delivering real, meaningful value? Or are you adding to the noise — just trying to win the game?

The digital disruption and the distraction that results from it are very real parts of our lives, both personally and professionally. And as marketers we are actually responsible for some of it. Reclaim your sanity… and choose the “calm” whenever you want it.

There’s hope for our digital world, as we strive for more balance between the human and the tech. If we let the technology take over — let it run the show, dictate our strategies, and control our human-to-human interactions — that’s where the trouble happens.

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