Michael Doyle, Head of Marketing at City Beach, shares some common challenges that retail marketers face. Customers demand (and deserve) personalization – as consumers, we know this first-hand! But ad-hoc “batch and blast” techniques just don’t work. So how do you bridge the gap between personalization and the human’s capacity to collect data?

Doyle discusses the challenges that he and his team faced as an old school retailer trying to grow in the digital space – and how AI technology helped make their personalization dreams a reality.

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Show details and highlights

► (1:33) City Beach’s unique journey to scale

► (2:59) How Michael and co. uses tech, automation, and takes advantage of low-hanging fruit

► (5:26) Tech is democratizing marketing: Michael’s experience with Emarsys’ new platform

► (8:12) City Beach is working on blending the in-store and online experience

► (9:49) The shifting retail landscape: experience is everything

► (10:47) Michael on the future of marketing: blending of the CMO/CTO role

“Less than 2% of our #emails are #automated & over 30% of our revenue generated is from those emails (all facilitated by the @Emarsys marketing platform)” says @MDOYL3       CLICK TO TWEET

How do traditional retailers find their way? Like City Beach, they harness the power of technology – not as the strategy, itself, but as a means to deliver a new level of experiences and more personal interactions for their customers.

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Michael’s favorite book, Outliers: The Story of Success

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