Marketing leaders and their teams are challenged every day to find new ways to prove the value that marketing is contributing to the bottom line. The problem is that many marketers are still relying on the quick-hitter impact of metrics which seem to indicate success is happening, but may or may not be actually driving real and meaningful numbers like revenue, retention, and CLTV.

Marketers can move from operational to strategic KPIs to fix this issue… and there’s finally a tool called that is geared to help do just that.

And that’s what this next series on Marketer and Machine will cover — benchmarketing… what it means, why it matters, examples of how to do it, and tools that can help get you there.

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Show details and highlights

► (0:29) The problem with operational metrics/KPIs

► (1:22) “The quarterly call”

► (2:37) Making marketing a profit center

► (3:43) What is benchmarketing? Series overview

► (6:11) “The better quarterly call” (the one you want!)

The Customer Growth Strategies dashboard identifies KPIs that will help improve customer growth and focus on retention.

We’re often fighting an uphill battle when it comes to proving our worth as a marketing organization. But marketing doesn’t have to be like this. With all of the tools and data available to us, it’s time for marketers to make a change — from looking at and reporting on the same metrics over and over again — and start showing our organizations that we should be considered one of the most strategic assets in the business.

It’s time for our industry to go from benchmarking to benchmarketing. We should be using strategic KPIs that go beyond operational and channel-specific metrics and give us a better understanding of how marketing is actually impacting the business.

What if you could tie those day-to-day metrics to revenue, customer growth and retention rate? With, this all becomes possible.

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What Does Benchmarketing Mean?

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