Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing at Lessonly, shares his top… lessons… (cough, cough) for companies interested in trying out account-based marketing for the first time as he and his team did not long ago. As a byproduct and perhaps more importantly, Kyle also gained valuable takeaways about using mar-tech in the right ways. Kyle shares how to remain human in the face of software insanity, and how to temper the tech craze going on around us by choosing only technology that complements your strategy.

“Marketers buy way too much #tech. In reality, the human element drives the business — you just want tech to augment” says @kyleplacy       CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (1:12) What is account-based marketing?

► (3:45) What went wrong with Lessonly’s attempt at ABM

► (5:52) What Kyle learned during the ABM initiative

► (8:26) Advice when adopting new technology or changing processes — look at your internal audience

► (11:04) When evaluating new technology, start with goals and ask the right questions

► (13:48) Kyle on the future of marketing: AR/VR and a unified view of the customer

► (17:02) How a traditional business used technology in the right way: Jerry’s Appliances

► (20:42) Rapid Fire!

“The only thing that makes us relevant is the experience the customer’s having with your brand. That’s it. That’s why we exist!” says @kyleplacy       CLICK TO TWEET

A unified customer profile is changing the game

From a tech standpoint, the ability to manage data easier is a revolutionary change. Having “one, single view” of customers is approaching reality — whether B2B or B2C. We can manage and more effectively market to the entire customer lifecycle. The customer experience (and our ability to manage it) is everything — the customer has the ability to change brands whenever they want. It’s up to marketers to spearhead change.

Kyle Lacy

“The future of marketing is trying to understand the experience, managing the experience, testing and tracking that experience. On the flip side, “brand” is becoming as important as the experience because they go hand-in-hand. But usually brand isn’t measurable like demand gen. Sometimes the best marketing is the things that can’t be measured. You can’t measure a great experience. But it will return back to you tenfold. You are serving the customer and making them the hero while doing great work “

Kyle Lacy
VP of Marketing, Lessonly
“Sometimes the best #marketing can’t be measured — you can’t measure a great experience, but it’ll return back to you tenfold” says @kyleplacy       CLICK TO TWEET

Key Takeaways

When implementing new tech and processes, don’t focus too much on the tech. The marketer is still the maestro at the epicenter — and that’s the way it should be.

It’s not the human that should augment the tech — the tech should augment what humans can do. In a world with thousands of tech solutions all promising to solve problems, slow down and take on the right tech for your needs.

Experience is everything, and the only thing that matters. The only thing that drives relevancy is the brand experience.

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