What is a repeat customer?

A repeat customer is someone who has made multiple purchases from the same company or brand. A customer becomes a repeat buyer after returning to the business after an initial purchase and buying again — whether by their own motivation or as a result of marketing strategies such as a post-purchase email automation or social media remarketing campaigns.

Why are repeat customers valuable to businesses?

There are several key reasons why brands seek out repeat customers:

  1. Reliable, recurring revenue:

    Repeat buyers represent a reliable source of income. This gives businesses a sustainable base from which to grow and expand.
  2. Higher engagement:

    Consistent, loyal customers are more interested in learning about the brand and engaging with it than new customers. This leads to better word-of-mouth marketing as these buyers will tell their friends and family about their positive experiences, which leads to further growth.
  3. Less dependence on acquisition:

    Having repeat buyers means less time and money has to be devoted to acquiring new customers, allowing more resources for improving customer service, product quality, or expanding into new markets.
  4. Valuable data insights:

    Repeat purchases give companies data about their customers that can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing products and services, and providing insights into customer satisfaction levels.

Ultimately, having dedicated repeat customers helps maximize sales and revenue, create a competitive edge against competitors, and build long-term relationships with customers that are essential for success in today’s markets.

Best practices for driving repeat sales

  1. Personalize the shopping experience:

    Treat each customer as an individual and provide customized recommendations based on their past purchases or browsing history.
  2. Reward loyalty:

    Offer special discounts, exclusive promos, or even a loyalty program to reward your repeat customers for their continued support.
  3. Simplify returns:

    Offer a hassle-free return policy that allows customers to change their minds and send products back without friction.
  4. Showcase testimonials:

    Feature testimonials from satisfied customers so new shoppers can learn about your brand from existing fans.
  5. Go omnichannel:

    Maximize your exposure across social media, email, search, and other popular marketing channels to drive awareness, traffic, and conversions.
  6. Leverage email campaigns:

    Send out email campaigns to previous buyers featuring new products, special offers, upcoming sales, and promotions!
  7. Use push notifications:

    Notify customers of new deals or discounts directly via push notifications on mobile apps or desktop browsers in order to keep them engaged with your store even when they’re not actively shopping online.
  8. Provide flawless support:

    Make sure you have a knowledgeable and friendly customer service team on hand at all times to answer questions and resolve any issues quickly and effectively.
  9. Incentivize referrals:

    Encourage current customers to spread the word about your store by offering incentives like additional discounts for each successful referral they make.

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