What is open-time content?

Open-time content is content that is updated in real-time as soon as a user opens a message.

It’s commonly used by marketers to personalize email content with the latest information to increase the relevance and value of their marketing engagements.

How does open-time content work?

With the right email and customer engagement platform, adding open-time content to email is a simple process.

It’s added to email campaigns within HTML tags as a widget, with content either being pulled directly from your website, social or product feed. It can then be personalized based on each customer’s behavior at the time of opening the email.

Benefits of open-time content

Some of the benefits open-time content offers to businesses include:

  • Increased email engagement:

    Open-time content drives clicks. In fact, it’s been shown to increase email Click-through Rates (CTRs) by as much as 20%. When sending email content at scale, that’s significant.
  • Greater customer retention:

    with open-time content, brands can collect data on where customers have been, actions they’ve taken and content they’ve interacted with to personalize emails in the moment that they open them.
  • It gets smarter:

    Open-time content is powered by machine learning and AI. Each time a customer interacts with content it’s produced, it will use that information to optimize future personalization choices.

Examples of open-time content in action

One of the most powerful cases to demonstrate the benefits of open-time content is the travel industry, where it can used to deliver:

  • Real-time flight updates
  • Flight, hotel & hire car pricing
  • Personalized itinerary recommendations based on locations customers have visited
  • Countdown timers for flights, check-in and more

It can also be used by the e-commerce and retail industry to deliver real-time stock updates, adding a new layer of engagement to email sales campaigns and abandonment automations.

Open-time content with Emarsys

Emarsys works with leading brands like PUMA, Pizza Hut, and Nike to harness the power of open-time content and personalize email engagements in real-time.

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