What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

A Customer Engagement Platform is a solution used by marketers to unify sales, product, and behavioral data, enable 1:1 personalization and orchestrate sophisticated cross-channel campaigns. It serves as a platform for brands to engage and interact with customers and prospects using AI-powered segmentation, personalized marketing, automated campaigns, and predictive analytics. Customer Engagement Platforms can also be used to provide personalized customer service across all channels in order to help drive acquisition, retention, and customer loyalty.

What are common examples of customer engagement?

  1. Personalized messages: Sending engagements with personalized content to customers, such as promotional offers and discounts tailored to the recipient based on their data and behavior history.
  2. Live chat: Enabling customers to ask questions in real time and get immediate answers.
  3. Social media campaigns: Creating targeted campaigns that engage customers with content on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  4. Content marketing: Using blogs, videos, infographics, and other forms of content to provide value and drive engagement.
  5. Real-time notifications: Notifying customers when something relevant to them occurs (e.g., a new product launch or sale).
  6. New customer onboarding programs: Crafted experiences designed to welcome new customers and introduce them to your products/services quickly and efficiently.

What is the difference between a CDP and a CEP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a single source of customer data that can be used to identify target audiences and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

A Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) focuses on providing tools and capabilities for engaging and interacting with customers, such as segmentation, personalization, automated campaigns, and analytics.

Since CDPs are more concerned with gathering and analyzing customer data, they require a CEP to take action on those targeted segments.

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