What is abandoned browse?

Abandoned browse is a marketing tactic typically used to target customers who browse products online but don’t add them to their carts.

An abandoned browse campaign will keep customers engaged with relevant interactions that incorporate insights like behavior data, purchase data and channel preferences to recommend not only recently-browsed products, but also additional product recommendations.

This helps provide a more personalized experience and encourages customers to return and purchase the item, or items, they were browsing.

What should be included in an abandoned browse email?

  • Customer’s name
  • Brief summary of the item(s) they searched
  • Compelling call-to-action
  • Value-adding offering such as a discount code or free shipping
  • Related products
  • Customer testimonials and/or reviews for that specific product

How many abandoned browse emails should I send and when?

Unlike abandoning a cart, when a customer abandons a website, they are still at the early stages of making a purchase decision. For this reason, no more than two abandoned browse emails should be sent.

When should I send abandoned browse emails?

In terms of timing, sending an abandoned browse email within the first 1-3 hours after someone leaves your website is ideal. This will ensure that the product or service they were browsing remains top of mind. For the second email, the recommended send time is 24 hours after a customer has visited a website.

Some brands will even include a discount or special offer in the second email to entice customers back to complete a purchase, or follow up on other channels like ads, SMS, or mobile push.

Abandoned browse campaigns with Emarsys

Emarsys works with leading brands like PUMA, Pizza Hut and Nike to increase acquisition, purchase frequency, average order value and retention by using a rich set of customer, sales and product data to automate abandoned browse campaigns.