As marketers in a technology-savvy generation, we’re taught to collect, analyze, trust, and value data from a myriad of sources.

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It’s a well-accepted concept that looking at numbers can provide unrivaled guidance and insight into marketing best practices and strategy. But as a new wave of marketing technology solutions open the door to even more consumer data, some marketers are feeling more than a little overwhelmed. With the same resources and more data, how can marketers hope to truly leverage these insights?

Big Data vs. Marketers

The important thing to know: you’re not alone. Every marketer is under pressure to collect, aggregate, and analyze an overwhelming mass of data without increased resources or wasting too much precious employee time.

The big data conundrum shows no signs of slowing down, in fact more 90% of the data we have today was created in just the past two years. With every consumer interaction — in-store visits, social media shares, email clicks, and everything else — being tracked and recorded, you have the groundwork to build a deeper, more complex picture of each consumer. This poses a problem, however, if you can’t effectively unlock and manage the data in an easy, streamlined manner.

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Today’s marketers are dealing with new platforms, channels, and engagement solutions that often aren’t integrated or connected. Instead of helping facilitate meaningful consumer interactions, the data stuck in these ‘silos’ can actually hurt campaigns. Without a complete picture of consumer audiences, reactions, and outcomes, you’re not able to create successful strategies or campaigns.

This is what the data vs. marketer battle comes down to — marketers aren’t meant to be data aggregators.

As much as this data is necessary to evolve your strategy and optimize campaigns, you and your team are innovative creators who signed up to create compelling content and guide marketing strategy. To truly break free of the time-consuming hold of big data, marketers must rely, somewhat ironically, on technology. Together, advanced technology and marketers can work together to break through these data silos and clear a path towards marketing excellence.

Revolutionizing Big Data with Artificial Intelligence

Big DataThe first step towards overcoming big data challenges is combining various data sources into a single platform, unlocking the ability to look at various aspects of the consumer journey from a single viewpoint. You’ll then be able to build workflows based on recurring trends or repetitive actions. This also sets the stage for advanced technology innovations to truly begin to work their magic with data as the fuel.

Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions are capable of mining huge data sets to help marketers hone in on trends, themes, and decisions across various channels, platforms, and outlets. AI solutions can aggregate this data and uncover previously hidden insights on consumer behaviors, choices, and even segments.

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With this technology working with them and not against you, you’re able to proactively create winning campaigns that are specifically targeted at audience segments, or even individuals. You can leverage insights from AI solutions to build extremely compelling content that highlights exactly what consumers are looking for.

Final Thoughts

With solutions like AI marketing in your corner, you no longer have to feel as though you’re being pummeled by big data. All marketers are in the same boat, and AI marketing solutions are here for the rescue.

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