Summer is just around the corner which means we are drawing ever-closer to our flagship digital event, the Power to the Marketer Omnichannel & AI Masterclass, which kicks off on the 12th and 13th June.

From fireside chats to expert-led sessions featuring digital leaders who are blazing a trail in the world of omnichannel marketing, this year’s festival is packed full of insights that will leave you buzzing with new ideas. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 6 key sessions from the likes of Huel, Kellanova and Nestle that you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive in.

SAP Emarsys: Product Strategy, Roadmap and AI Innovations 


  • Kelsey Jones | Global Head of Product & Customer Marketing | Emarsys 
  • Balint Vegh | VP Product | Emarsys  
  • Aadil Kumar | Sr. Product Manager Gen AI x Intelligence | Emarsys  

What’s in store:

Excited about the potential AI holds for exceeding customer expectations and cultivating loyalty? You’re not alone. AI has reached a fever pitch in 2024, and not without good reason. When combined with the right technology, AI is a truly powerful ally to marketers. 

In this session, key leaders from the SAP Emarsys product team share insights into how SAP Emarsys leverages AI to help you achieve better business outcomes. They’ll discuss how our customer engagement platform: 

  • Accelerates time to value by quickly onboarding data and channels to execute omnichannel campaigns  
  • Is built on our AI heritage and infuses AI throughout the platform to improve marketer productivity and power personalization  
  • Demonstrates the ROI and business impact of marketing  
  • Delivers continuous improvement to meet the future needs of marketers 

How Huel is Driving Profitable, Scalable Growth Through Customer Advocacy Marketing


  • Tash Reynolds | Global Head of CRM | Huel  
  • Kat Wray | Director of Strategic Partnerships | Mention Me  

What’s in store: 

Heard of a little brand called Huel? Interested in how customer advocacy marketing can be used to scale revenue? This session isn’t one to be missed! 

Huel has driven impressive results from their customer advocacy program, managing to get 22% of their customers sharing and recommending the brand with friends and family. In this session, Huel’s Global Head of CRM, Tash Reynolds and Mention Me’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kat Wrap, share:

  • The revenue and LTV impact delivered by Huel’s customer advocates  
  • What Huel’s  customer advocacy marketing strategy looks like  
  • How Huel is leveraging unique advocacy data in their CRM strategy to supercharge their growth 

How Replacements, Ltd. Plates up Traditional and Digital Marketing to Serve a Broad Demographic 


  • Amy Childress | e-Commerce Marketing Manager | Replacements 
  • Kara Lewis | Lead Client Strategy Manager | Attentive

What’s in store: 

With a 40-year legacy and a mastercraft service that replaces precious pieces of china, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Replacements Ltd. attracts a more ‘senior’ demographic. However, as they’ve worked to attract younger customers, they’ve seen an interesting change – more of their older customers are engaging on newer marketing channels. 

The result? A fascinating intersection between traditional and transformative marketing that requires a unique strategy. Join Replacements, Ltd.’s E-commerce Marketing Manager, Amy Childress and Kara Lewis, Attentive’s Lead Client Strategy Manager, as they discuss how Replacements Ltd. is using cutting-edge marketing tech and customer data to bridge the gap between old and new.

More Than Commerce: How CPG Brands Are Building DTC Engagement 


  • Don Brett | Podcast Host, CPG View 
  • Jamie Schwab | VP, Global Digital Commerce | Colgate-Palmolive 
  • Jamie Decker | VP, e-Commerce  | Del Monte 
  • Diana Macia | Director, Global Omnichannel Capabilities | Kellanova (Kellog’s)  
  • Jeanne Delmar | e-Commerce Director EMEA | Nestle 
  • Andrew Gallo | Chief Omnichannel Officer | American Greetings 

What’s in store: 

Driven by the modern consumers’ demand for convenience and internal pressures to build brand affinity, the last few years have seen a stampede of consumer products brands opening up direct-to-consumer offerings. 

However, with multiple channels at play, the fast-moving world of e-commerce comes with its own set of challenges. Join Don Brett, CPG View Podcast host and an esteemed panel of CPG guests as they discuss:

  • The importance of a first party data strategy in 2024 
  • What value exchanges are being created across the customer journey 
  • How brands are balancing personalization with consumer trust 
  • AI’s role across this whole ecosystem and its new applications 

Where ESG Meets Omnichannel Strategy: How Molton Brown Drives Engagement by Embracing Sustainability


  • Naresh Krishnamurthy | Senior Manager – Business Transformation, Cosmetics Business | Kao – Molton Brown 
  • Sunny Sangha | Director Sales Enablement & Partnerships | Sinch  

What’s in store:

From day one, Molton Brown has focused on creating beauty products that have a positive impact on both their customers and the planet. In 2023, they released refillable solutions across some of their most popular product collections, and integrated ESG into their loyalty program, with unique rewards for customers that embraced their new environmental goals. 

The best bit? They’ve seen incredible results, and they’re just getting started. 

Join Molton Brown’s Senior Business Transformation Manager (Cosmetics), Naren Krishnamurthy and Sinch’s Director of Sales Enablement and Partnerships, Sunny Sangra, as they discuss how Molton Brown has:

  • Has embraced ESG both in terms of the technology choices the company has made, and their product offering  
  • The content and campaigns they deploy to increase average order value by 22%, purchase frequency by 38%, and customer value by 68% 

How Home Depot Engineers Online Experiences That ‘Get More Done’ During Peak Seasons 


  • Mauricio Gonzalez | DFC Logistic Solutions Design Coordinator | Home Depot  
  • Stephanie Dymott | Product Marketing Manager | Emarsys  

What’s in store: 

Uncompromising quality and supportive staff have long made Home Depot a one-stop-shop for all things DIY. Now, they’ve taken this to the next level, with a brand transformation that delivers an unrivalled customer experience that delivers what customers need, exactly when they need it. 

In this session, Mauricio Gonzalez, Home Depot’s Online Experience Department Head shares:

  • Home Depot’s journey to omnichannel marketing mastery, detailing their transformation from in-store to online
  • Key insights into how they prepare for Black Friday, their biggest sales event of the year