Converting A First Time Buyer Into An Active Customer 04
Converting A First Time Buyer Into An Active Customer

A customer has made a purchase on your website – is your job as a marketer done? Nope! In fact, you only have a 27% chance of a customer returning after making a single purchase. It’s time to prioritize getting first-time buyers to return, and ultimately become loyal customers. Omni-channel personalization is the key to skyrocketing your profits. This infographic shows you why and how.

As most marketing experts know, converting first-time buyers into loyal customers can result in major long-term financial benefits for brands, since continuously acquiring new customers is much more expensive than working to retain and grow current buyers.

Discover new ways to take customers along the journey from first-time buyer to brand loyalist with this infographic.


The likelihood of a customer purchasing from your brand after a second or third purchase is 2x greater than after buying just once from you. Customer retention strategies like personalized email marketing and incentive programs should sit at the top of your marketing team’s priority list.

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