Marketers feel the strain of doing more every day. Generate more revenue. Retain more customers. Deploy more campaigns. All while worrying about privacy regulations and shrinking marketing budgets.

During Think Summit 2022, Raj Balasundaram — Senior Vice President, Channels & Strategy at Emarsys — will explain how to find the correct balance between privacy and personalization while continuing to do more with less resources. The secret? Partnering with marketing technology that automates customer-centric experiences.

Emarsys, a SAP company, empowers marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized omnichannel campaigns that drive business objectives. 

The ways in which shoppers connect with their favorite brands is growing more complex. So too are the data sources that help brands understand customer intent, action, and behavior. A martech stack that allows brands to quickly scale personalization across multiple channels accurately and effectively will separate the wheat from the chaff, especially as digital commerce continues to build in influence. 

Why Establish Data-Driven Marketing?

Emarsys believes that the future of marketing begins with personalization. That future is made by the marketers that harness the power of every single customer data point available — no matter where it lives in a tech stack or how challenging it might be to create a narrative from it. 

Customers are like snowflakes — no two are alike. To maximize every single one’s lifetime value, you will need to present them with individualized content that is consistently communicated no matter how, when, or where they shop. That level of customer-centricity is only possible through a marketing strategy that emphasizes data-driven marketing campaigns.

Think Summit 2022

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The Impact of Personalization on Your Marketing Strategy

Emarsys research found that 85% of retail marketers see personalization as pivotal to optimizing the customer experience as well as increasing revenue. Movable Ink’s consumer research backs up those instincts. Two-thirds of consumers are likely to be a loyal customer if they feel a personal relationship to a brand. On top of that, 61% say they are likely to make a purchase when a brand has created a personalized experience. 

It’s a great big internet out there. People want shopping experiences that make their lives easier, which is why personalization is top of mind for both brands and consumers. But, as Raj will point out at Think Summit on June 8th, there is a balancing act. If the experience lacks a 1:1 connection altogether, consumers will walk away uninspired if there’s too much, they may feel overwhelmed.

The key is to find a happy medium.

Giving customers what they need, when they need it – no more, no less – is what distinguishes customer-centric brands from competitors. That takes a sophisticated marketing technology stack, one in which every piece of software is working together to row in the same direction. 

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