How relevant are you to your customers? Shopper behavior is changing, and, in response, so is the retail landscape and how we manage our marketing.  But are retailers focusing on the right activities — building relevancy, trust, and convenience? John Andrews, retail leader and CEO of Photofy, shares why brands are spending less on branding and are hyper-focused on conversions, why we might want to readjust… and maybe how to do it.

We’re still using traditional #marketing tactics in a rapidly changing #consumerbehavior environment – we’re not in a predictable #shopping paradigm anymore” says @Katadhin       CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (1:40) Retail Relevancy

► (6:56) How to create relevancy (as opposed to spam)

► (9:34) Are retailers measuring the right things?

► (16:21) How shopping is changing from physical stores to online: simplicity

► (19:23) It’s not a brand or retail thing — it’s shopper behavior change.

► (21:45) How to respect shopper behavior, preferences, and lives

► (24:57) John on the future of marketing: globalization and reach/product fulfillment

“I don’t need any more push messaging – thank you (or make it better/more relevant)!” says @Katadhin       CLICK TO TWEET

“If you think about the experience of most shoppers today, it really is one of overwhelming push messaging. If you want to understand the consumer experience, just search for a hotel room or restaurant. Instantly, you’ll be bombarded with messaging which will continue over any channel you visit or any place you connect. I really believe it is something that’s causing an erosion of brand equity — it’s overwhelming most shoppers, and the shopper response is to tune a lot of that out… there’s such a focus on transaction (as opposed to branding).”

John Andrews
CEO, Photofy

“The #shopper experience today is one of overwhelming push messaging – and it’s causing an erosion of #brand equity” says @Katadhin       CLICK TO TWEET

Key takeaways

Just because you can market to someone doesn’t mean you should. Is it the right person at the right time via the right channel with the right message? Or is it simply convenient for you to push something out to that individual — regardless of how they’ll receive it? Pause and think about what will actually be received and relevant.

How will your company be impacted by the changing retail conveniences emerging to make purchases and replenishment easier for consumers (like subscription services, dash buttons, and prime delivery)? How can you proactively leverage these changes to be more relevant with your customers? What could happen if you don’t?

Globalization. Technology is making the world feel smaller and more connected. Regardless of what industry you’re in or how large or small your company is, globalization is impacting us all.

John Andrews

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