Brenda Stoltz, President of Ariad Partners, joins the show to talk martech, strategy, and how the two are intimately interrelated — yet simultaneously separate and distinct.

As Brenda discusses, technology is a catalyst to energize everything else you want to achieve. It truly empowers marketing organizations to make clear-cut decisions, armed with massive amounts of data. But tech should never serve as a hindrance or distraction that comes before the strategy.

“Marketers can and should lead the enterprise in two areas. One, be the voice of the #customer across the enterprise. Two, be a strategic driver. Elevate #marketing to a strategic level within an organization.” — @BSStoltz #VOC CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (1:32) How can martech make you smarter, richer, and better? When used as a strategic function!

► (6:34) How to link marketing automation to strategy

► (7:43) Artificial intelligence provides power for innovation

► (9:22) Marketing-sales alignment must start outside of the technology

► (12:22) Marketers have a LOT on their shoulders — tech helps

► (16:03) Brenda on the future: dominance of Amazon puts impetus on e-commerce brands to get attribution right

“Savvy marketers are using #martech to bring clarity to chaos – they can automate tasks, leverage #dynamiccontent, & stay in contact w/ customers in a way that isn’t cold/inconsistent,” says @BSStoltz      CLICK TO TWEET

“The dominance of Amazon (and voice search) really means that e-commerce retailers have to understand their customer attribution models. How do new audiences find them? How are they engaging with their brands and products? I may buy something — your product — from Amazon because it’s easy, I trust them, and my login and information is already in there. You need to be able to capture that — how I got to you, found out about you, and how and why I bought it on Amazon. Much like closed loop marketing, brands need to understand the role that top-of-the-funnel channels, like social media, play in customer attribution. This is a here-and-now AND future problem as voice and Amazon are growing.”

Brenda Stoltz
President, Ariad Partners

Lindsay’s key takeaways

  • Martech can’t make poor marketing good marketing. It’s a tool, and it can help scale and bring efficiencies, plus bring you more insights and information.
  • Are you using marketing technology to analyze campaigns on a tactical level, or have you thought about it at a strategic level? How can you use AI to apply data and insights to provide personalization at scale?
  • Martech isn’t the silver bullet to suddenly mend the decades old marketing-sales alignment challenge – but it can drive accountability, consistency, and process.

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