In part I, Raj introduced the concept of AI marketing. In today’s episode, he goes a level deeper and describes how predictive intelligence works, shares specific use cases, and even gets into the ethical implications that are emerging as AI becomes more sophisticated.

Raj discusses three points related to AI:

How marketers are going from reactive to proactive marketing. For example, can you detect when certain customers are about to fall off the wagon — and are you treating them differently based on that insight, with offers aimed to convert them given previous behavior?

How leading retailers like BrandAlley were able to 4x their revenue in half the time of a normal campaign, all by using AI. Another Emarsys client, CityBeach uses AI to connect in-store purchases to the online ecosystem.

The future of AI and the ethics and biases that come with it.

“At some point in the next 3-5 years, there will be some form of a GDPR for #AI – we’re talking about deep #data analysis w/ far-reaching implications,” says @RBalasundaram      CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (2:30) How BrandAlley is doubling their business every year (with AI)

► (6:39) CityBeach uses predictive technology to anticipate customer behavior

► (7:58) Air Asia uses AI to power ancillary revenue

► (9:57) Immediate challenges with AI: scaling content production

► (12:48) Future of AI: personal assistants, the “war of the algorithms,” machine-to-machine communication

► (17:07) The ethics of AI, rogue algorithms, and Raj’s fire extinguisher example

“There’s a huge runway for AI to improve itself in content… we need to make sure AI is stepping into the content shoes to do two things. One, it has to reduce the burden of content on marketers, and, two, properly interact with the consumers almost like an interface — an intermediary layer — which understands a marketer’s emotions and consumers’ emotion, and can actually produce content on a 1-to-1 level.”

“#AI has to reduce the burden on marketers & produce content on a 1-to-1 level,” says @RBalasundaram      CLICK TO TWEET

Raj Balasundaram 1
Raj addresses the audience during his workshop at Emarsys Revolution

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