Raj Balasundaram, SVP of Artificial Intelligence at Emarsys, is leading industry rhetoric about the vast benefits of AI for e-commerce and retail. In this episode, Raj explains why there’s been so much hype around AI, unveils common misconceptions, and shares how you can partner with AI to do more proactive marketing.

In this episode, you’ll learn how AI is:

  • Helping marketers that use it uncover the who, what, when, and where behind all customer interactions
  • Enabling the shift from reactive to proactive marketing
  • Helping marketers use existing behavioral data to automate and scale personalized interactions to each customer.

“Knowingly or unknowingly, we give away our digital footprint – each brand knows the digital body language of their consumers,” says @RBalasundaram      CLICK TO TWEET

In this series introduction episode, I have the privilege of sharing more about why AI is important for e-commerce and retail marketers, along with what you can expect over the next couple weeks. 

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“#AI is very simple, & you can do it tomorrow & make an impact in the next 90 days,” says @RBalasundaram      CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (3:33) Background of artificial intelligence — AI isn’t new!

► (7:05) B2C brands killing it with AI

► (11:52) What you need  to succeed with AI (and how big brands are using it)

► (15:53) How SMBs can get started with AI (and AI-a-a-S)

► (18:34) How in the world do marketers distinguish between all  the supposed AI platforms?

► (23:43) How AI is helping marketers go from reactive to proactive marketing

► (26:16) Rapid Fire!

AI is impacting and redefining marketing in the modern era. It’s about time we learn how it can complement and augment our work and then start adopting it where it makes sense.

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