Here’s How You Turn Magento 2 Data Into New Revenue Opportunities

15 tactics you can use to grow your company

What’s Inside

●How to leverage urgency to increase purchase frequency.
●Several ways you can increase your volume of first-time buyers.
●The best time to use a coupon, and when you shouldn’t as it may cause a perceived lower-quality brand.

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15 Ways to Increase Revenue with Your Magento 2 Data

Increase Repeat Purchases

Did you know that 20% of customers provide 80% of the revenue? To gain better business results, it’s vital that you re-engage and retain your most active customers. 

Here something eye-opening, customers who make a second purchase are 53% likely to purchase a third time. And those who make a third purchase are 64% likely to make a fourth purchase.

Grow Your Company

Most marketers have a tech stack that includes several tools such as an EMP (Email Marketing Platform), CRM, customer service software, an SMS platform, and much more. 

All these databases are siloed from one another. Find out how you can connect all your Magento 2 data to deliver predictable, profitable outcomes, and build lasting customer relationships.



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