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Omnichannel & AI Masterclass

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Omnichannel & AI Masterclass

Available now on demand!


Day 1

09:00 EDT | 2:00 BST | 3:00 CEST
SAP Emarsys: Product Strategy, Roadmap and AI Innovations

AI has reached a fever pitch, and for good reason. It promises a world of opportunity for marketers to exceed customer expectations and cultivate customer loyalty.

In this session, SAP Emarsys’ Global Head of Product Marketing, Kelsey Jones, VP of Product, Balint Vegh, and Product Manager of Generative AI, Aadil Kumar, will discuss how SAP Emarsys:

  • Accelerates time to value by quickly onboarding data and channels to execute omnichannel campaigns
  • Is built on our AI heritage and infuses AI throughout the platform to improve marketer productivity and power personalization
  • Demonstrates the ROI and business impact of marketing
  • Delivers continuous improvement to meet the future needs of marketers
Kelsey Jones Emarsys
Kelsey Jones
Global Head of Product & Customer Marketing
Balint Vegh Emarsys
Balint Vegh
VP Product
Aadil Kumar Emarsys
Aadil Kumar
Sr. Product Manager Gen AI x Intelligence
10:00 EDT | 3:00 BST | 4:00 CEST
How Huel is Driving Profitable, Scalable Growth Through Customer Advocacy Marketing with Mention Me

Join us in this live interactive session to find out how Huel is transforming performance through Customer Advocacy Marketing alongside their traditional mix.

By activating their fans to drive retention, loyalty and profitable growth, you’ll find out how Huel got 22% of their customers sharing and recommending the brand with their friends and family.

Huel’s Global Head of CRM, Tash Reynolds is joined by Mention Me’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kat Wray to discuss:

  • The revenue and LTV impact delivered by Huel’s customer advocates
  • What Huel’s customer advocacy marketing strategy looks like
  • How Huel is leveraging unique advocacy data in their CRM strategy to supercharge their growth
Tash Reynolds Huel
Tash Reynolds
Global Head of CRM
Kat Wray Mentionme
Kat Wray
Director of Strategic Partnerships
10:30 EDT | 3:30 BST | 4:30 CEST
How Replacements, Ltd. Plates up Traditional and Digital Marketing to Serve a Broad Demographic

As a brand with a 40-year heritage and a proud legacy of being the go-to service when it comes to replacing precious pieces of china, it’s no wonder Replacements Ltd. skews toward an older demographic.

However, as the brand continues to work to appeal to a younger demographic, it is experiencing success in its older customers adopting new channels and ways to engage the brand.

In this session, Replacements, Ltd.’s Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Amy Childress is joined by Kara Lewis, Attentive’s Lead Client Strategy Manager to discuss how Replacements Ltd. leverages marketing tech and customer data to bridge the gap between traditional and transformative marketing.

Amy Childress Replacements
Amy Childress
Ecommerce Marketing Manager
Kara Lewis Attentive
Kara Lewis
Lead Client Strategy Manager
11:00 EDT | 4:00 BST | 5:00 CEST
Revolutionizing Customer Retention: AO’s Blueprint for Building Trust, Authority and Loyalty

If database engagement, content relevancy and customer reactivation are keeping you up at night, this session will restore peace of mind.

AO, the UK’s most trusted electrical retailer, overcame these challenges by devising a comprehensive solution to address loyalty and retention challenges.

Tune in to hear, Craig Hogan-Farnworth, Head of CRM from AO discuss:

  • Their innovative approach to lead generation with web channel
  • How AO is using smart automation tactics to increase customer engagement
  • The impressive results the brand has seen since taking a ‘CTA-first’ approach when optimising AO’s email work process
Craig Hogan Farnworth Ao
Craig Hogan-Farnworth
Head of CRM
Ellie Quacquarelli Emarsys
Ellie Quacquarelli
Strategic Consultancy Team Lead

Day 2

09:00 EDT | 2:00 BST | 3:00 CEST
More Than Commerce: How CPG Brands Are Building Direct-to-Consumer Engagement

There has been a huge shift in brands moving direct-to-consumer. But not all brands have an e-commerce offering and if they do, it’s not their main source of revenue.

With an increasing remit to build brand affinity, drive loyalty and earn share of wallet, how are CPG brands leveraging omnichannel strategies to build authentic customer relationships?

Join Don Brett, CPG View Podcast Host, as he leads an esteemed panel of CPG brands through topics such as:

  • The importance of a first party data strategy in 2024
  • What value exchanges are being created across the customer journey
  • How brands are balancing personalization with consumer trust
  • AI’s role across this whole ecosystem and its new applications
Brand=pattern, Speaker Name=don Brett
Don Brett
Podcast Host
Jamie Schwab Colgate Palmolive
Jamie Schwab
VP, Global Digital Commerce
Jamie Decker Delmonte
Jamie Decker
VP, Ecommerce
Diana Macia Kellanova
Diana Macia
Director, Global Omnichannel Capabilities
Andrew Gallo American Greetings
Andrew Gallo
Chief Omnichannel Officer
10:00 EDT | 3:00 BST | 4:00 CEST
Where ESG Meets Omnichannel Strategy: How Molton Brown Drives Engagement by Embracing Sustainability

Since 2019, sustainability has been top of Molton Brown’s priorities. In 2023 the brand rolled out refillable solutions across all their core products and weaved ESG into their loyalty program, offering rewards and incentives for ESG customers.

In this session, Molton Brown’s Senior Business Transformation Manager (Cosmetics), Naresh Krishnamurthy will be joined by Sunny Sangra, Director of Sales Enablement and Partnerships at Sinch to discuss how Molton Brown:

  • Has embraced ESG both in terms of the technology choices the company has made, and their product offering
  • Creates content and deploys campaigns that increase average order value by 22%, purchase frequency by 38%, and customer value by 68%
Naresh Krishnamurthy Molton Brown
Naresh Krishnamurthy
Senior Manager – Business Transformation, Cosmetics Business
Sunny Sangha Sinch
Sunny Sangha
Director Sales Enablement & Partnership
10:30 EDT | 3:30 BST | 4:30 CEST
How Home Depot Engineers Online Experiences That ‘Get More Done’ During High Peak Seasons

Thanks to quality products & expert staff, Home Depot has always been a staple for any ‘do-it-yourself’ projects of all ages. However, to keep up with the modern customer, they’ve transformed an iconic brand name into a customer experience unrivalled by their competition. This meant truly understanding their customers & reaching them in their moment of need

Join this session to hear from Mauricio Gonzalez, Online Experience Manager at Home Depot as he discusses the transformation from in-store to online experiences and how his team prepares for their biggest sales day of the year.

Mauricio Gonzalez Home Depot
Mauricio Gonzalez
Online Experience Manager
Stephanie Dymott Emarsys
Stephanie Dymott
Product Marketing Manager
11:00 EDT | 4:00 BST | 5:00 CEST
John Frieda, Personalization and Perfecting the Art of Product Launches

When launching their new UltraFiller+ shampoo, conditioner and spray, John Frieda adopted an omnichannel strategy focused on:

  • Educating new and existing customers about their UltraFiller+ products
  • Developing a buzz for the UltraFiller+ line prior to the national retail launch
  • Surveying customers to better understand their specific product needs
  • Testing effective UltraFiller+ communication
  • Driving repeat purchase and replenishment

In this session, Lyla Holt, Manager, Digital Marketing for John Frieda’s parent company, Kao USA Inc. is joined by Lisa Wendland, Director, Lifecycle Marketing at Blue Wheel to discuss how John Frieda successfully launched their UltraFiller+ range.

Brand John Frieda Speaker Name Lyla Holt
Lyla Holt
Global Digital Marketing Manager, Consumer Care
Brand Blue Wheel Speaker Name Lisa Wendland
Lisa Wendland
Director, Lifecycle Marketing

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