unPredictions: Commerce Marketing Priorities Powering 2022

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About This Ebook

This ebook is part of our unPredictions series — no guesswork, no lofty trends, just real commerce marketing priorities to help you drive customer engagement and increase growth and revenue in 2022.

What’s Inside

  • Why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than personalized, relevant email when it comes to your marketing strategy
  • Why your marketing team must take ownership of CX and the customer journey
  • The two-part secret to unlocking true omnichannel marketing and achieving the “Trinity of Communication”
  • The benefits of a fully integrated sophisticated tech stack (hint: it saves you time and money)
  • Why marketing automation will free up your marketing team and help you scale real-time personalization
  • Why you should “hire” AI to be your team’s go-to expert for segmentation, data analysis, and 1:1 marketing
  • Tips for delivering value-adding, personalized experiences that reward & retain more customers and earn their loyalty

With this ebook, you’ll get:

  • Proven commerce marketing priorities for more growth & revenue in 2022
  • Tips to quickly build, launch, & scale personalized experiences
  • Expert marketing insights from more than 20 industry-leading brands, including PUMA, The Home Depot, Gymshark, Pizza Hut, and many more!